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Scrap your Summer

Join me on the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Blog for a Scrapbook Layout...?  Oh yeah... I went all scrappy for this post.  I am sharing my NEW about to release TINBIT TRAVELS Collection with Wild Whisper!    Swing by the    Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Blog  for a full tutorial!   PIN IT   EAT. SLEEP. CRAFT. {repeat}

Media Assemblage, Broken Down

Media Assemblage is Now Available!

Hey hey... I am so excited my fist paper pack is now ready to ship world wide and I could be more thrilled.  There is a Double Pack with 2 designs per pack and a Single Pack where you'll get 1 design per pack.

These Mixed Media papers are designed with various mediums and techniques.  Here you can have to look of Paint Pour, Gel Print, Alcohol Ink, Marble Paint, Spray Stain even if you don't own the supplies.  Or maybe you don't like the mess?  These are my designs that I created for you no matter what your needs are.  

The concept is this... each page has a full coverage side and a minimal side.  

Full Coverage pages are bold in colour, design and great for whatever your creativity can dream up.  Layer  photos for scrapbooking, rip up and layer for art journaling, die cut for a pop!   

Minimal Pages are where you can open your creativity.  These are designed to allow you to add layers with paint, ink, crayons.  Use your stamps, stencils, paste, gesso or journaling.  The negative space is there for you to use your supplies and open your creativity.  

Painted Marble

Here I created a Marble Effect with high quality paints offering bold colours.  Full Coverage covers most of the page with well defined colours.  Minimal Coverage oozes from the top creating a drip effect.

Spray Stain

Oh how I love spray stains.  Created with 4 different Spray Stains to create depth of colour.  The Full Coverage page is a technique of layering the stains and drying in between each application.  The Minimal Page is created with a dripping effect.  

Gel Printing

I don't want to pick favourites or anything but... The Full Coverage page has various colours and a fun layering technique.  The Minimal page has a light single colour if you want to punch it up.  I designed the "horizontal" letters as inspirational quotes.  You can actually cut these out into strips and use them in anything you want.

Paint Pour Feathers

Who's seen this technique and been a little intimidated.  I know I was!  Well I went for it and you get the benefit.  The Full Coverage page has 3 full feathers, they are a little messy and perfect.  The Minimal has lots of negative space with the edges space in the middle to explore your creativity.

Paint Pour

Paint Pour is so fun and super messy!  I got you on this.  The Full Coverage page is full tilt with waves of colour and cells everywhere.  The Minimal page I just let ooze where it wanted to go.  Bold colours and cells with lots of negative space.

Alcohol Ink

The boldest punch of colour here.  Don't let that intimidate you. The Full Coverage page is packed with colour and ready to be ripped up for cards, journaling or die cutting.  The Minimal page is so pretty with lots of room to layer whatever you want.

BONUS Cherry Blossom Page

Wild Whisper gave you a bonus page.  This is a paint pour technique.  I was hoping it would turn out and it did.  It involves a lot of paint pour and a straw and took about 3 days to dry.  With this bonus page there's no dry time!

Watch for sample posts... 

I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions for upcoming collections and how would you use these Media Assemblage.  

If you pick some up please tag me so I can see, share and gush!  

You can get my first collection with Wild Whisper HERE.  

EAT. SLEEP. CRAFT. {repeat}


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