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Adventures with Yarn

To say working with yarn is way out of my comfort zone is a huge understatement.  In fact, you may be wondering where the mixed media paints are!  

Here, let me lay it out for you... I have been wanting a chunky blanket for years.  I just don't want to pay the price.  So I watched a few videos, learned a couple of the words, researched and bought one "SKEIN" or Yarn.  Just to see if I would like it.  Well I do.  

Here is what I have learned in the past couple of days.  With my very limited knowledge.

Skein is a ball of yarn.  Check... I used 6 for this throw at 32 yards each.  I could have used less if I didn't make a tighter loop.  Which I have learned... I can make the loops loose.  Tension is everything.

Hand knitting... oh ya it's a things and I went for it.  No tools.

Yarn sheds and boy did my yarn shed.  If I believed the reviews of almost every brand of yarn I looked at I would not have got any at all.  I will share a video I used to prep my material before I even started.

It took me longer than 45 minutes to make my Chunky Blanket.  For one I have never made a blanket let alone anything with yarn.  I went from building a small lap blanket to a throw blanket for my bed. 

This for me was relaxing and fun.

I will share the video I used to make my chunky blanket. I wanted something simple to follow without a lot of twisting.

My loops are tighter so toes won't poke through as easy. Working the loops and keeping them consistent was a challenge.  When you move along the loops tighten.

By prepping my yarn before I started it really took away any apprehension I was feeling.  Starting with one skein or ball of yarn made it east to test it out.  Then I kept adding until I was happy.

My Yarn is super budget friendly.  I don't need to learn with Merino Wool.  Although one day I hope to have one!

I have already tested out my blanket and ohhhh was it warm.

I feel like I could make throws for my couch now, bedroom, a scarf... maybe a cowl!  Create a chunky blanket for just the cost of your yarn.  A fraction of the coast.  

Have you made a chunky Blanket before?  Any advice?

  • If you're like me and never made one then start with one ball of yarn to test it.
  • Keep your yarn budget friendly.
  • Chunky Yarn should be 7 or higher.
  • Shed Happens... if you prep the yarn it reduces greatly.  
  • Watch your loops... they tighten as you go.
  • Want a super chunky blanket... fluff out the loops.
  • Google it if you don't know.  

These video's helped me to make my Chunky Blanket.

EAT. SLEEP. CRAFT. {repeat}


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