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Scrap your Summer

Join me on the Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Blog for a Scrapbook Layout...?  Oh yeah... I went all scrappy for this post.  I am sharing my NEW about to release TINBIT TRAVELS Collection with Wild Whisper!    Swing by the    Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Blog  for a full tutorial!   PIN IT   EAT. SLEEP. CRAFT. {repeat}

Why you need to organize your cards

How do you store your cards?  What about when someone sends you a handmade card?  I have just that going on in my crafty space.  I have some cards waiting to find a home and needing a space to be safe until they make it to their new homes.  What about those special handmade cards you receive in the mail.  They need a special space too.

The Eileen Hull Inspiration Team is sharing organization ideas all month long with an array of Eileen's awesome dies. 

Loving the Planner Storage & Organizer XL Die.  I cut mat board and pattern paper for the exterior.  Adding a couple extra cuts for the base, front and back of the box.  This requires a couple easy measurements depending on the size you want.

Before adhering the pattern paper I added a little spray stain for the inside.  Looks so pretty!  Then added all the pattern paper to the exterior.  I used Sookwang to add the paper.  Finish up with your embellishments.

Oh ya pretty card storing.

I even lined the box with this sturdy jute.

I stamped this #Hashtag sentiment and topped with my little star.

I had to piece together some paper... you know... paper mishaps.  I decided to use my unplanned look as a tuck spot for these little shipping tags.  Yep, I meant to do that...

Inky and stamped and everything.

I just love these boxes... must make more.

Don't miss what the Inspiration Team is posting all month long with awesome storage ideas.  I can't wait to see too.

EAT. SLEEP. CRAFT. {repeat}


  1. Gorgeous Nicole, love the postal theme and the colours on the inside. Have a lovely week. Tracy ❤️


  2. I love it, Nicole! The tags are awesome; love those happy accidents 😁

  3. OMG- love the accidental tuck spots! What a great idea to have a nice wide box :-)


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