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Celebrate the Grind

Would you look at that!  I'm a Favourite Artist over at the Anything But Cute Challenge.  I am beyond thrilled to be considered.  

I have been following this awesome challenge blog since the beginning since my style is Anything But Cute Challenge!  

It all started with a bunch of dies... as it usually does.  The Edge die Steampunk is cut on mat board.  I used the magnetic plate for the Mixed Media Thinlit and ran it through a few times on cream cardstock.  It didn't cut all the way in the center which is perfect.  Or at least I will make it that way.

Next I prepped all my Tattered Pinecone cuts with Sizzix new Leather paper.  I always cut extra when cutting these and store all my florals in jars.

Time to experiment with the leather paper, inking and Burnt Copper Leaves Allure Powder.  The white leave is inked and the tan leather has the  Burnt Copper Leaves on the tips.

I did the same with the Hammered Metal and the black leather paper.  All lined up each leathery floral looks awesome.  YAY, it worked.

Time to experiment again.  I used the Hammered Metal on the gear.  To get a thick look I need to repeat.  But then I was looking at the Burnt Copper Leaves and thought I would layer it with a this bronze powder.  I repeated each powder 3 times for a unique metallic gear.  LOVE!

Time to prep the watercolor paper with gesso for the distress crayons.  You need a smooth surface to help the crayons to blend.  When I was happy I layered my gear stencil.  Rub off with a baby whip to expose the gears.

Now that this gear layer is done.  I went back to my cream cardstock and inked the edges with brushed corduroy.  Then added some gear stamps and sentiment.

Here's where the broken mixed media cut works.  It's a great peek at those distress crayons gears.  I meant to make that hole.  For added texture I put a strip of corrugated down then attach those gears. 

I glued the handwritten celebrate and grabbed another gear for the inside.  I stamped the sentiment from my own stamps Fallen Blossom too.

A little distress ink on the mat, some water and ribbon...then assemble.  I made some bows and attached the flowers.

Lets celebrate!

Look at those gears.

The floral tips with metallic tips.

When mistakes happen go with it...

It's nice to create for the inside too.  Something I often forget.

Keeping it grungy with a slight softness.

Thanks to the Anything But Cute Challenge blog for having me.  I am so honored to be apart of this special celebration.  Stop in and see the other amazing artists and join the challenge.  
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Frilly and Funkie- Opposites Attract (blooms and gears)
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