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Rustic Sled

I was on Pinterest the other evening catching up on the days pins.  When I came across this PIN from one of the pinners I stalk.  OMG... SQUEAL... I LOVE THIS!   I showed it to my husband and pointed out we were making one this weekend.  Because I don't have enough to do.  But it looked easy enough and I promise it is!
Check out my Rustic Sled!

My husband measured out and followed the pieces and drew them.  I cut them out with my jigsaw.  I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this tool!

You just need a little supplies...including some sandpaper for distressing.

It takes no time at all to stain.  Follow the tutorial and stain before attaching.  I dry rubbed some walnut stain onto the pine so it looks dirty and worn.  All the edges are sanded and distressed.  He used his brad nailer and glue to put it all together.

I found some ribbon at the $1 Store.  This would be easy to change out every year.  Maybe burlap next year?

Another $1 Store purchase are these BIG jingles.  They were a yucky gold so I used a technique to make them vintage... nail polish remover and a sponge.  The red jingle I just happen to have.

My husband attached this metal strapping.  You can find them in the duct work area of the hardware store.  Then he added the twine for me.

I layered everything over a cedar bow.  I hope to find some old skates and attach them.  But that can be for another time.

Check out this AMAZING Vintage Sled and great tutorial over at Fynes Designs.  It was easy to build and it cost me about $25.  I picked up some new stain for mine.

I've always wanted one of these on my deck.  So, I was thrilled to find one with a great tutorial.  I had a packed weekend... my son broke his collar bone, my daughter was car shopping and I was squeezing this in between all that.  Be sure to follow the link to this amazing Vintage Sled!

Where I play....

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