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You Know How I Love Halloween...

Don't judge but.... Welcome to my Haunt. 
So, I have a couple Sizzix Halloween Dies and I LOVE THEM!  I had this idea last year to create a Halloween Town with $1 Store Bird Houses.  I waited about 8 months for spring and bought a bunch.  Another 6 months goes by and I start creating.
Beware, this post is full of photo's so you don't miss a detail.  There's a lot of "spider webs".  The hot glue leaves a lot of string draping over everything.  I left about half of it for a webby feel!
I used almost all my Tim Holtz Sizzix Halloween dies.
 I used  a 41"x10" piece of plywood then sprayed with black, grey and brown textured spray paint.
 I inked my woodland trees with spiced marmalade distress stain spray.  Wrapped with black tinsel and topped with my distress glitter bat.
All things creepy...
I cut a number of branch trees, inked and added Spanish moss and spiders.  To break up the black I added a little picket fence distress paint.
I sprayed my woodland trees to look like candy corn trees.  Check out Tim's Tutorial how to make them.  I wrapped these Halloweenies from Halloween Shadows stripe die.
I cut a bunch of tattered leaves and layered leaf in glassine to cover the roof.  Inked with some rusty hinge and peeled paint stain it breaks up all those black roof tops.
I inked a woodland wreath with seedless preserves distress spray stain then more spiders.  I mounted this skully head onto the mini antlers die.  The mini shield with the movers and shapers 31 in seedless preserves distress glitter is great on the door.
Time to break some bones.  And a helping hand...
Looks like someone lost their head.

Helping hand up.

More breaking bones to make a natural pose...or unnatural.
I used the Bats and Crossbones cuts to frame the roof tops.  Snowflake Rosette with the altered idea-ology clock.  More metal and tapered fringe creepy grass.
Looks like something is missing...
Nothing like friends!
I think he's distressed about misplacing his head!
Behind the houses is a haunted graveyard with crossbone trees and bones in the tombs.
Grungepaper bends nicely, perfect for this graveyard. 

I wanted to make sure that I had the correct technique for the Compendium of Curiosities 3 Challenge "Colored Crackle"!  I do have crackle going on but sometimes it can be subtle between the 2 techniques.  So I have whipped up a couple die cuts for this and my ATB Halloween post.  I want to be true to the techniques. 

The holiday lamppost is crackled and an added crackled bat.
I cut and layered "Trick or Treat" from Halloween Shadows and coated in Glossy Accents.  It's a nice glow when the lights are on.  Mini Owl lurks in the background.
Creating a Halloween Town is all about layering.  Another creepy tree with inked leaves and spanich moss.  Layer'd of the twigs cut, leaves, Spanish moss and tapered fringe create depth.
I picked up this Vintage Chevy for $10 six months ago just for this Halloween Town.  I bent a word band and attached.
My inked Black Soot woodland tree is strapped down with glitter ribbon.  I stuffed pieces of my Skeleton into the truck.  He's hangin out the window and holdin on.  I saw this washi wrapped base for the tree over at Emma's AMAZING Trick....or Treat Candy Box!
A crackle bottle of eyes.  I cut a tiny tab tag and with my mini $1.50 stamps I stamped EEK.  This creepy cargo is in the back of the Chev.

Body parts are everywhere.  This unfortunate Skeleton was crushed under a glitter pumpkin.  Only the legs are exposed.

To create that Fall feel I glued some autumn gatherings leaves on the roof. 

It's all in the details.
More crackle and stain with this pumpkin.

The woodland trees are inked and creepy crackly cats are lurking.

I inked the wreath peeled paint and added the skull.  Then I attached the 31 idea-ology letterpress blocks.

Never too much crackle with the mini cat and crescent moon or should I say blood moon!

EEK... more letterpress blocks inked with distress paint.  I glued autumn gatherings randomly as if they fell.  Then glued EEK onto a pile of leaves.  Oops, the leaves keep falling...

These bird houses have the perfect perch for my mini owl.

Along the iron gate fence I bent more wordbands inked with ripe persimmon. 

Leaves are falling and the ants are crawling.

I added a string of orange Halloween lights glued along the iron gate fence.

I struggled wondering what to do along the base.  I almost added tinsel twine.  But, I wanted it subtle since there's so much going on in the town.  Just the bent wordbands

Phew, did you make it?  Thank you so much for sticking it out to the end!  Please...tell me what you think!  Was it worth the scroll? 

 Sizzix Dies used
Holiday Lamppost
Tiny Tabs
Layered Leaf
Tattered Leaves
Tattered Pinecone
Branch Tree
Snowflake Rosette- Decorative Strip
Halloween Shadows- Decorative Strip
Tapered Fringe- Decorative Strip
Bats and Crossbones- Decorative Strip
Autumn Gatherings- Decorative Strip
Mini Bat- Movers and Shapers
Mini Pumpkin- Movers and Shapers
Mini Antler- Movers and Shapers
Mini Cat- Movers and Shapers
Mini Crescent Moon- Movers and Shapers
Mini Owl- Movers and Shapers
Iron Gate- On the Edge
Twigs- On the Edge
Proud to be a Spotlight Designer for Simon Says Stamps Blog- Anything Goes Challenge
Winner for Inspiration Journal- In Disguise
Proud to win for A Vintage Journey Challenge - To Die For


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