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Frightful Luminary

Tis' the season of goblins and bats, creepy crawlers and frightful cats.  
If you haunt my blog then you know this is my favorite time to craft and I remind you...there's a little witch in all of us!  Here you'll find a tutorial to create your own Frightful 3D Luminary!

I started some Halloween Haunts Resist Kraft paper, my 3D Luminary die and my awesome Vagabond!  

Once my paper is cut I pulled my trolley of Distress Inks over beside me.  Super handy having my inks like this.

I started by inking my cut pieces with peeled paint, seedless preserves, mustard seed and ripe persimmon.

Once your pieces are inked start folding your creased areas.

There are these little tabs.  This is where you adhere the tape.

Fold your tabs and cut your tape.

I get all the taped spots ready.

I cut some clear packaging and added some frosted film.  This is when I added my die cut images.  In this case the Spooktacular "BOO" is a perfect fit.  I cut black card stock.

Building the top of the 3D Luminary has always been a pain for me.  So, here's how I get through the build.  Line up your cut pieces with the adhesive facing like the photo below.

Connect one side first with the sticky side under.

Then stick the other side the same, adhesive tab under.

At this point you you can fold at the crease.

The "long" portion connects to the luminary and the "short" portion of the top creates the peaks.  You can adhere to the top or adhere the ends just below the lip.

Now that the 3D Luminary is built time to decorate.  I grabbed my hammer and brad.

I needed to lay it out on my mat.  I split the brad so it would lay flat.

Then I pound the brad with the balled end of the hammer creating a pounded effect.

I used a word band and you can see how great the pounded brads look.  I decided not to distress paint the word band and keep the metal look.  I was tempted.

For an added sparkle I cut a piece of tinsel twine and grabbed some ripe persimmon distress paint.

Ink the tinsel twine leaving some silver exposed.

Then I added black soot distress paint for a Halloween feel, still leaving the silver exposed.

Simply tie it around the top.

A little more Idea-Ology with this Frightful token tied onto the tinsel twine.

Back in the spring I found these "flower pods" at the $1 Store and they look like little pumpkins.  So, I inked them up!

Using my rusty hinge distress paint and simply dabbing it transforms these purple pods into rustic pumpkins.  The texture on these pumpkins is perfect!

While the pumpkins take a minute to dry, I wanted a big messy bow.  

I put some rusty hinge, peeled paint and black soot distress stain on my mat.

I grabbed my mist and sprayed the distress stain with water.  You can do the same with distress paints and inks.

Then I dropped my crinkle ribbon on the stain and blotted it around.

You can spray the ribbon with water to model the colours together.  But I like seeing some white too.

This is when I ball it up and I use scissors to hold my ribbon for drying with the heat gun.  Don't squeeze!

Here's my big messy bow!

Next I added some hot glue to the top of the roof piece and placed my ribbon on.

Now that my ribbon is in place.  More hot glue and I added spanish moss here and there.

Now that the pumpkins are dry I hot glued one right in the middle of my messy bow.

More spanish moss and this skull and cross bones from the $1 Store.

A few Autumn Gatherings cuts are inked and glued under the rustic pumpkin.

I also tucked in this black flower I made from the tattered pinecone die.

Once I have all my spooky bits in place, I went back and added more spanish moss.

As a finishing touch I added a little rock candy to the tattered pinecone flower.  This gives a subtle glitter to it.

All done and ready to Haunt my House!

Each frosted window has it's own scary cut.  Here it's the Movers and Shapers Mini Spider and 31!

The top with it's messy bow, flower, leaves and rustic pumpkin looks amazing.

Leaving the metal bare of paint lets the colours of Autumn pop.  

I added another rustic pumpkin and more spanish moss to the bottom.

As you move around the 3D Luminary you see the Spooktacular "BOO" and Movers and Shapers Mini Owl.

This corner is where the skull and crossbones are.  Creating these heavy elements on the bottom help balance out the top.

Be sure to use battery operated candles.

As you can see the illuminated owl looks frightfully divine!

I hope you enjoyed my project and that you get inspired to make one too.  I love Halloween so be sure to check back!  Don't miss anything!  Along the right tab you'll find buttons for following me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and of course you can also follow my blog if you're not already.
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Dies I used- Spooktacular (strip die), Autumn Gatherings (strip die), 3D Luminary, Tattered Pinecone, Mini Owl (movers and shapers), Mini Spider (movers and shapers)

 photo CNSSignature-3.png

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