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My Sizzix Adventure

Remember that contest Sizzix put on... "Who Are You".  The one where I hounded you for weeks (with crazy photo's and cookies) to help me win on all my social media.  Well, I am home, rested and ready to share my most amazing journey to Sizzix!  I have condensed the photo's into frames to keep this post from getting too long.  I wanted to share it all!
Travel Day
 I am not someone who likes to fly.  But I don't want to miss out on great adventures like this so I suck it up.  We hauled ourselves out of bed at 4:30AM and made our way to the airport.  Here's our first adventure.  Our plane (the one you see here) was approaching Salt Lake City... in an electrical storm!  Had I heard the Captain announce this I may have been prepared for what was about to happen.  A loud BANG and what I describe as a fireball (my husband said it wasn't) right beside me.  We all gasped on board and worried faces everywhere!  The flight attendant didn't run up the isle screaming so I tried to be calm.  We were hit by lightening.  BARF!  We landed safely.  But the ground crew was at the plane in droves as soon as we were at the gate!  And I survived...barely!
We are mean parents and texting these shots to our kids.  And yes, we are grounded until further notice!  You can't travel this far and not go to Disneyland.  Especially since we were less than 30 min away!  Disney isn't about the rides.  It's about how it makes you feel when you are there.  I do feel happy!
This is my Stanley Cup Win
The truth is... we pulled up to Ellison, I looked at my husband and said "I'm not getting out"!  I once described my self as "painfully" shy!  I'm still very shy but not the painful part as much.  I was so nervous.  I don't experience situations like this.  I got out of the car and was so happy I did.  
As soon as I walked through the door they had this huge plaque with my winning project, The Chemist. Yep, they were expecting me.  (I thought a few people would know about me, I had no idea the whole company was expecting me, OMG)  I cannot stress enough how amazing everyone is.  I was introduced to pretty much everyone in the company.  I thanked everyone for what they do.  Because without them I couldn't do what I love to do!  We had fun doing Make n' Takes with the amazing Sizzix designers Deena Godfirnon Ziegler and Debi Adams!  My husband is a crafter...who knew.  I should have taken photo's of our projects.  They got squished on the flight home.
Are you following Sizzix on Instagram?  Most of these photo's were posted throughout our day by Sizzix.  I loved meeting everyone.  These are HAPPY people and we all benefit from their endless creativity! 
Thank You Sizzix
Laguna Beach, California
We have traveled to Southern California many times.  But never to the ocean to stay.  I am originally from Vancouver Island, BC so I'm a coastal girl living on the open prairie in Big Sky Country. 
Sizzix really thought of everything to give us an amazing experience.  The surf crashed literally 20ft from our room.  We didn't want to leave our deck which is where we spent a lot of our time when we weren't out.  The people of Laguna Beach were laid back, happy and so kind.  We dined on "The Deck", a great restaurant where the service staff wear board shorts and flip flops.  We had breakfast where the locals eat...we stuck out like a sore thumb;)  And the sunsets were unlike any I have ever seen. Laguna Beach reminded me of home.  A special place.
Random Photo's
My husband snapped off a few shots.  If you've every been to Disneyland and eaten at CafĂ© Orleans then you know about the parmesan garlic frittes.  A taunting photo sent to my kids.  My Mom (bottom left) was down in L.A. (her boyfriend lives there) and we got together.  They came down to Laguna for a couple of nights to see us and celebrate her birthday.  What a treat, we live in different provinces so getting together is rare. 
My Sizzix World

My first die I ever bought was a Sizzix Die.  And I haven't stopped buying them.  These dies add dimension, interest and versatility to all my projects.  Now that I own a Vagabond it makes using my dies even more fun!  I have set my craft room up to display everything I love, everything that inspires me.  My dies fill up a lot of that space and I love seeing them all tucked away.   

 My cheeks are still hurting from the smile I had on my face all day.  Even when I was there I couldn't believe I was there.  Without all of your support through my blog,  Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram I would have missed out on an amazing journey.
I heartfelt thanks to you.  Without you I wouldn't have been able to meet such amazing people.  It truly is a dream...
 photo CNSSignature-3.png


  1. Nicole I was thinking about you a lot and was so excited to hear about your trip! OMG lightening storm! that would have made me poop my pants!! I don't fly well at all either and that would probably been my last flight!! Glad you made it safely! I am also glad that you got out of the car!! Congrats again on the win!! :)

  2. I loved your story...humour and happiness all rolled into one. It is an incredible journey with more opportunities and WOW days to come. You have worked hard for you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour and the years of hard work that led up to this. I look forward to the next chapter in this amazing adventure...sans the Lightning Events! Well Done!

  3. Nicole so glad you had a wonderful time and thank you for letting me living vicariously through all your posts and blogging!!! :-)

  4. So great to see and hear you had an excellent time, these memories will stay forever.

  5. Wow, that certainly looks like the trip of a lifetime and full of adventures too, a thing to remember forever I'm sure!

  6. So happy you had such a special vacation.
    So exciting !!!
    A Dream come true for any crafter.
    I'm still waiting for my cookie, teehee.

  7. Sounds like a awesome trip except fort the plane ride, I am sure I would of s@@t my pants! Have a great week.

  8. Love all your photos...I saw a bunch on facebook. I would have taunted my kids with DisneyLand photos too.

  9. Hi ! I saw that you had pinned one of my pins ... and I thought ...hmmm , I've seen that name somewhere ... a sizzix contest maybe ??? And yes ! It was you. Congrats on an awesome adventure.


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