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Vintage Valentine and GIVEAWAY

Finally I was able to spend 45 min in my craft room.  I have been cooking a baking a lot for my family over the past few weeks which has cut into my crafty time.  Honestly, after all the holiday crafting I just needed something else to focus on.

I got some new goodies and wanted to play.  I picked up Tim Holtz "Umbrella Man" die and a vintage stamp set with amusement park images.  I really like this die.  I'm not too sure why I do, it just feels so retro UK to me.  It's one of those dies I look at and think how much I like the look of it.  So I grabbed it. 

This vintage stamp set is by Glitz called Afternoon Muse.  I stamped the corner stamp at opposite corners in versamark and then clear embossed to create a resist.  This inks are all TH Distress inks, layered for this pretty Valentine look.  I attached a vintage lock to a hook clip as an added layer.

The Umbrella Man is cut 3 times.  I cut him first with a cereal box, then layered pattern paper and touched him off with a cork Umbrella.  I usually see him in black.  Every time I saw this die all I could think of was using pattern paper. 

Save everything...I have been holding onto these blue "TICKET" since December!  I cool am I!  The "LUCKY IN LOVE" ticket is stamped from my new SMS Crazy for You stamp set, just in time for Valentines.  I attached the Tickets with my Tiny this tool!

Use Diamond Glaze and coat your gear for a glossy look.

I distressed some TH Gears, metal clip and the definition of "LOVE AFFAIR". Here's a TIP, if you haven't already thought of it. Use a dictionary and cut out the word and definition to add a unique layer to your project.

YEP, I made this one!  It's been almost 2 weeks since I was in my craft room.  I guess everyone needs a wee break now and then!  HEY, GUESS WHAT!  I'm going out of town this weekend....NO KIDS!  Seriously, that never happens.  My husband has a work function and the rest of the time we'll be slumming it in a fancy A$$ Spa!

***It's my BIRTHDAY next week.***

  As a little Birthday gift I'd like to giveaway the Cricut Cartridge Paisley!  It's a pretty little Spring like cart...and it's OLD SCHOOL!  Meaning it's been around a bit.  Just leave me a comment and tell me your FAVORITE BIRTHDAY memory!

You'll have until Thursday February 2nd to comment. 



  1. OMG! I love this cart.I don't have it!I hope I win.My favorite memory was on my 30th birthday,my sister gave a BBQ surprise party with all my friends and my mom was there also.You see my mom lives in Puerto Rico.That was the BEST Bday ever!Oh!I received lots of gifts too!!!OMG! just in case, Happy Birthday.Dont wait for that day to celebrate,do what I do,and celebrate it all week long!!!!

  2. My fave birthday was my 40th. my husband and kids had me a grinch party (I love the grinch) everything was grinch even most of my presents. since my birthday is in Dec. our house was decorated for Christmas already. but that year my husband put up xtra green lights and programed them to my fave grinch song on the movie sountrack. we had a blast that year, I will never forget the trouble they went to pull that off for me.

  3. Last year! My husband & oldest were out of town (in NYC to sing at Carnegie Hall!) and youngest was at Grandparents so we had a girls-only murder mystery! It was amazingly fun! Everybody got totally into their characters, ate lots of food & figured out which one of us was a killer. We're doing another this year... next month!

  4. Ah that is easy vave memory was last year for my 60th and all the Creative Accent Crafty girls took me to lunch. It was a great afternoon and so many lovely home made cards.. I was spoiled.. Hope you get good and spoiled for yours as well.. Take Care

  5. Happy Birthday Nicole! Let me see my favorite birthday memory is when my kids took it upon themselves to plan my birthday dinner! My favorite Bubba Love Burgers!!! Yummy:)

  6. Birthdaay's are never a big deal for me...have had some pretty yucky ones because of family issues, but last year I was able to have a small BBq with my parents, step parents and inlaws (siblings aswell) It was simple, but very nice!! Have fun at the spa:)

  7. Love this! So Tim-Holtified! My favorite B-day memory was my Husband surprising me with a trip back home to NY after we moved away! It was the best time! Happy Birthday! Already a follower! TFS! abusybee24atcoxdotnet

  8. I love your tag. I have that stamp set and the umbrella man diecut. I haven't used the stamp set yet but now I will. I would love to win the Paisley cartridge. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Love your tag....glad to see you back in your craft room...Have fun at the spa...and enjoy your me time... :)

  10. Happy Birthday to you!!! My favorite birthday memory is probably one when I was a little girl and I got my first bicycle--a little yellow Schwin Pixie!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win the Paisley cartridge--it's really cute!!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Nicole!!! :) Have a fun get-away!!!!

    I love your tag!!!!!!!!! So many great details!!!

    I think my favorite birthday memory is the year I had a hard day at work and didn't think we were doing much for my birthday. My husband (who was just my boyfriend at the time) surprised me with a new gown and matching shoes! We got dressed up, went & had a nice dinner, and then went to a musical!!! :) Such a sweet surprise!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share and for the chance to win!

    Crafty hugs,

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  12. My favorite memory is when my hubby threw me a surprise birthday party for my 30th.

  13. I love your tag!!! Sorry, I have not any Tim Holtz's stuff to create the same...) Love to come to your blog regularly and see all these wonderful projects you make) Thanks for the chance to win!


  15. my favourite birthday memory is when my bf gave me a present for the 1st time. we were friends before but he never give me anything. :)

  16. Nicole, I love this tag! Enjoy your kid free spa time!!

    My fav. birthday memory is when my mom done a surprise party for my 16th. My birthday is a week from today! Hope you have an awesome birthday too :)


  17. Gorgeous tag! I love all of the little details!

  18. The tag is adorable. Great job on it!

    My fav birthday memory was on my ninth birthday. I had the entire week off from school on my birthday week cause I had the chicken pox. It was an awesome (and itchy) birthday!

  19. Very nice tag and you sound like you are going to have such a relaxing week-end, enjoy every minute away from the kids. Hope you have a great birthday next week. My favorite birthday memory was when my oldest daughter gave me a necklace with a footprint charm which has great sentimental significance. I bawled like a baby but treasure this gift and also my daughter for giving it to me, Hugz, Kim

  20. Beautiful tag! Sounds like a fun weekend ahead! Have a fabulous birthday next week! My favorite birthday memory was having my daughter and also earlier that same day my husband gave me the world (a charm). It was an emotional day.

  21. love your tag, my favorite birthday memory was the last time I got to spend the day with my mother.

  22. OH!! I love your tag! one of my favorite birthday memories was when my kids gave me my cricut expression. The joy on their faces was greater than the gift itself. They thought they made my day with the gift. They made my day with their love!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. The tag is so cute and my beithday week is next week as well...GROUND HOGS DAY
    favoriet memory ..few years back my hubby surprised me and flew my mom out for my birthday (all by himself no help from anyone)


  25. Great tag! Hope you enjoy your birthday and the time at the spa!
    My favorite birthday was a party where we made different crafts at different stations.... It was a great hit even back in the old days! LOL

  26. Super cute vintage tag! Love it! My favorite birthday memory was my 30th birthday when I was surprised at a restaurant with all of my friends and family. I'm so nosy that I am rarely surprised so this was such a special treat!

    scrappindhilly at gmail dot com

  27. In advance Nicole, Happy Birthday! This tag is awesome. I love the gear all glossed up, makes it look more real! Wonderful job. Hope that fancy a$$ spa treats you wonderfully!
    kidshomelove at yahoo dot com

  28. So awesome Nicole. Love your charm...this is a die of TH (Tim Holtz, not Tim Hortons ;) that I don't have yet.
    Love how you used him.
    My best birthday was when my daughters made me a scrapbook on my 40th birthday titled 40 reasons why we love you. I cried like a baby, both for the wonderful thought and also for turning 40, lol.
    Enjoy you Spa...never been to one, so let me know how it was :)

  29. Great tag. Happy Birthday. My favourite party memory is a party I had last year for my daughter. It was a Strawberry Shortcake theme. The girls did crafts, played games and decorated cupcakes. it felt like a whirlwind had hit my house for 2 hours! A lot of fun.

  30. My favorite birthday was when I turned 30. All my family and my husband's family was there. We had a big party and we went to the park were our favorite singer did a show. Thanks for the chance, Johanne L.

  31. I'm lovin your tag! That umbrella man is great in patterned paper! That's a great idea for using a dictionary too! I'm sure I have one kickin around my house not being used...until now! lol I don't have a cricut, so don't put me in the draw, but I just wanted to tell ya that I love your tag! Have a great weekend without the kiddos! Enjoy your spa visit...I have to say I'm a little jealous!

  32. Very cool tag....loving all the stuff to look at on it and I'm gonna have to remember the dictionary definition idea....that's a gooder. Happy Birthday to you (next week). I think my favorite birthday memory would have to be when I turned 30. My hubby made me a cake (he never bakes) and my boys made me some cards and it was great all around, after several years of being sick on my birthday. Enjoy your time at the spa!!

  33. Your crafty stuff is so beautiful! Love getting inspired when I see the new stuff you make! Keep on crafting!

  34. Girl I love all the things you make. Thanks for sharing your ideas and techniques. I hope you have an amazing birthday. Keep the creativity and inspiration coming.

  35. Happy Birthday!!! Love your Valentine tag, you always do such amazing work. Hugs Pammejo

  36. Happy early birthday Nicole! Remenber to take some time for you on your special day :). I think my favorite birthday memory is from a few years ago....
    O.K., so I always said I was 29.... so back in 2004 or 2005 I said to my son that it was my birthday and he was sooooo excited cause I was finally 30. It was more like 35 or 36. Haha, I love that boy!

  37. So gorgeous!! I love the details! Happy Birthday to you!! My favorite bday memory was last year. My Goddaughter baked a scrapbooker cake!!

  38. Happy Birthday Week! I love to draw my birthdays out, my son does too. Anytime we go on a vacation in July, he tells everybody the whole trip long that its his birthday vacation. Drove his older brother nuts. LOL
    Your tags are lovely.

    Smiles sher

  39. Happy Birthday Nicole... i love all your creations.. my best birthday was my 40th.. with all my friends and family... we did the Hawaiian party theme and just had a blast in winter in the NorthWest of Western Australia.. Cant get much better than that... anywhoo...
    have a great birthday yourself..

  40. Happy Birthday Nicole!! Hope you have a FAB day and week!!
    My favorite birthday memory is the breakfast in bed my kiddo's and husband made me! Complete with all my favorites and even some beautiful flowers!!
    Thanks for a great giveaway and the chance to win :)

  41. My best birthday memorey is probably from when I was 10, we went to my grandpa's house which was 6 hours away andva bunch of my family was there. They pretended that they forgot all about my birthday and when we got back from town the house was a decorated and there was a beautiful cake waiting. Lol

  42. Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY. Take time for yourself , enjoy the Special Person that you Are. Your crafts and cooking have sure inspired me and I look forward to All Your Sharing.My best birthday was when a friend of mine that I met as a pen pal came to Winnipeg and had arranged a Surprise 21st Birthday for me( that was so many moons ago :) )

  43. Hope you have a bad A$$ birthday! Sounds like you have some fun plans. Enjoy your time. We all have to take a wee break from time to time. Your tag is phenomenal. So much thought went into it. I like the patterned paper you used. It worked out wonderful with all the other elements you added. As for my favorite birthday memory...I would have to say, the year I turned 30. I was a little sad and kept telling everyone that I was only gonna ever get to 29 and never a year older. My sweet fiance' and love of my life, got me a cheesecake and a 29 candle. I cried and cried because it was so sweet and it showed how much he was listening.
    Happy to stop in today!
    Jessica S

  44. Love the tag, and all your little embellies and layering! Sweet using the pp for the diecut umbrella man - I always used plain and inked with my Distress. Great idea.

    Hope you have/had a great, happy scrappy birthday! (I firmly believe birthday celebrations should be more than one day)

  45. Happy, happy birthday!! I absolutely LOVE this tag!! I adore anything Tim Holtz!! My favorite birthday memory would have to be when my parents surprised me with a dog...they knocked on the door and left him in a box so when I opened it, there he was...a little white ball of fluff!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!! :)


  46. I love tags and this is no exeption :) Awesome job and don't you just love the umbrella man!! So Charlie Chaplin :)

    Hope you had a great weekend away and have a wonderful Birthday this week :)

  47. Your tag is beautiful as always.I love the umbrella man.Happy Birthday-----enjoy yourself the whole time.My "favorite " bday memory was when I lied to all the kids in my class (I was about 8)and told them my mother was going to have me a bday party and they were all invited.My mother did not believe in children having any type of celebrations.So the whole class showed up at my door with presents,She actually made my alcoholic father go get ice cream----and she told all the kids the cake burned.Dysfunctional is a huge understatement.And of course I got a big spanking but I got to keep the presents.

  48. I hope your birthday is a great one:) Thanks for a chance to win a great cartridge, been on my wish list. My favorite birthday memory is one that my children threw for me when I turned 50. They know how to throw a party!!

  49. Great project, but more importantly Happy Birthday to you!! Hope your trip is (was) stupendous!!

  50. Happy birthday, Like your tag.
    My favorite birday was the year my mom took me to
    dinner, When we arrived there was a full table of my
    Dawn RI

  51. Happy Birthday Nicole. May your day be filled with love, joy and surprises.

    Don't count me in your drawing I don't have a cricut.

  52. Your tag is really great. Love all those delicious layers. The cork umbrella is just genius. I guess my fav birthday memory is when my hubby suprised me with a dinner that my whole family came to and a limo ride to the restaurant. I felt like a rock star!

  53. Super happy birthday to you! Your blog is one of my favorites! I just love love love your vintage/collagie projects:-) My favorite memory was when I was 6 and my friends and I wore floor length party dresses and did all of the old kid party games like pin the tail and dropping a clothespin into a milk bottle. Best years:-)


    tammy dot schmitt at mac dot com

  54. Happy birthday Nicole..

    I hope you have a lovely day! Love stalking your blog.. Keep up the fantastic work.


  55. Hey Nicole! The fancy a$$ spa looked amazing! I haven't found TH's Umbrella Man at any of my local SBS but he is def on my list. Happy birthday!

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