Thursday, February 13, 2014


I am so excited! SIZZIX has selected me as one of their 12 finalist for the SIZZIX Who Are You Contest!  There were thousands of entries of really talented crafter's so this makes it even more special!  Please vote for me, #9 daily.  Voting ends February 26th!
(click the photo's to go right to the website)
Here's my project you'll be voting for.
(click the photo's to go right to the website)
Here's the original Blog Post for THE CHEMIST if you want to see in more detail!
Thank you and please share on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all your social media.  I need votes and yes, I'm begging!
Thank you in advance for your daily support!


  1. Wow, Nicole! Huge congrats! This is something you can really be proud of. Well done (and I can see why your make made it to Top12 among a whole lot ;).

    Claudia x


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