Monday, February 13, 2012

Instagram Monday

I'm brand new to Instragram.  I added it to my iPhone a couple weeks ago and I am HOOKED!  My super blog friend Kellie hosts a Instagram Monday on her FUN!

So check out my Instragram Week....

It was a busy week.  I had a lot more great photo's to share but I'm still learning.  We took my boys to Okotoks (means Big Rock), a glacial rock rock from Jasper AB that traveled south on a Glacier millions of years ago...WOW!  My cat sleeping in the warm sun and my dog in his bed staying warm on a chilly -20 morning.  I did a little baking and went exploring with my family. 

Do you Instagram?  Share your Instagram Week and click HERE to link up to Kellie's Blog.



  1. That looks fun Nicole. I want to instagram everything now. I love it.


  2. over from Kellie's blog...

    don't you love how intsagram just gives a photo of something really a drive down the road or a sleepy kitty...another kind of feel-- all glowy and special! I love how it captures moments and really shows the 'special' behind them:)

    lovely pics!!


  3. Love your instagram pics! What's your username? I would love to follow you on's my latest obsession too! I check is as much as I check Facebook! :D


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