Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Tags of Christmas; #11

Tag 11 was STRESSFUL for me! 

I'm usually pretty comfortable to make anything with what I have.  I usually don't know what I'm making until I make it.  I don't plan my projects...more have an idea and go with it.  But this tag I really had nothing to get the technique Tim was using with the UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) and Melting Pot.  I had never heard of the Melting Pot until the night before with Mario's BTS. 

Here was my thought that night.  I don't have the big holly die, no shrink paper, I don't have the UTEE and I don't have the pot.  My GF has the UTEE and paper but no pot.  Easy...I have a Fondue Pot that I can control the heat.  I am not above using what I have.  However...still no big die.  I did just get the Festive Greenery Die so after a little brain storming here's how we got there!  Don't can make it too without all this stuff.

There's my big red jingle...had to get it in there.  This mini ornament is a $1 store purchase, 6 for $1.  It's glass and such a great embellishment for this festive tag!

HOW WE DID IT; Here's how my GF and I made the holly look as close to glass as we could without all the stuff.  As I mentioned, I just got the Festive Greenery die so we cut and used the small holly leaves.  But until I got this I was hand cutting and you can too.  We used white glossy paper. We then double embossed with the UTEE.  Once it was thick and cool we added the alcohol ink.  There, easy peasy without the melting pot.  You can certainly use clear embossing powder and just layer a few times.

I made a couple of these as one went for my Mom's Tree.  These stamps are my GF's Holiday SU stamps.  I don't have many Christmas sets.  Since Halloween is my fav time.

Since this Santa isn't as big as Tim's Santa I added a little tinsel, bling and greenery at the bottom.

Although this wasn't my favorite tag.  I did really like the idea of the Melting Pot.  I had a lot of fun making the Holly work...once I got over the stress of it.  As a whole I also like how this tag breaks up how loaded some of the other tags are.  It is a nice addition to my tree.

Tag #12, the final tag will post tomorrow.  I really like how my tag 12 turned out!



  1. Your tag turned out fabulous!!It was a little stressful for me too, as I didn't even have the glossy paper! I made it work, too, though, and I will share on my blog today!

  2. Thak you thank you thank you for the directions with no melting pot/shrinkies!!!

    I'm stash challenged, too, and with the nearest 'lss' (what a joke) almost an hour away, it's not like I can zip down and find items.

    Love your tag and the jingle/ornament add!


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