Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Tag

Happy almost Halloween
I have 1 more spooky post because I couldn't let Halloween pass without posting one more on my Blog.  I have been really busy and I'm over half way through Creative Chemistry 102.  I was dying to try some of the new techniques I've learned so here's a bunch!!!!
I made this tag into a card as a Thank You!  I'm a lucky girl as this stamp set was a gift.  Don't we all love gifting others!  I know I have so much fun.  So when this stamp was given to me, why is it so hard to accept?  Surely I have done nothing worthy enough to accept such a lovely gesture.  With my cheeks burning red (I'm sure) I accepted with a sheepish smile.  Feeling truly blessed and lucky someone wanted to be so kind:) 
Despite what everyone one says...I must be a nice person;p

My new favourite thing to do is use left over ink on my craft mat to make more tags.  This was tag #3 using up ink! 
 To make the colours bold (after 3 tags the colour was watered down) I used the same colour inks and inked up the tag.  Love the new colours.
After inking I then spritzed the tag.  One of my favourite techniques!
I used the poison bottle from the HALLOWEEN BLUEPRINT 2 CMS167 with Archival Black right to the tag.
Stamping again onto grungeboard with the archival black.
I cut the bottle and a piece of plastic (matching the bottle) for a fun cracked glass technique.  A new technique I learned in CC102.
I think inked dusty concord, seedless preserves and black soot from the ink pad right onto my bottle.  Don't worry, you'll still see some grey.  But that will go away with the next step.
Here's where the magic comes.  Put a few drops of glossy accents down.  Don't coat it on thick.
Then with your finger rub the it over the whole bottle.  The inks will smear and come together creating a rich blend of colour.  Oh so pretty!  I then rubbed a little bit of the ink off the skull with a cloth. 
I repeated the process on my new PEDIMENTS DIE.  I am so excited by this die!  First cut right here!
I smeared glossy accents over black soot, frayed burlap, vintage photo and walnut stain.  The browns are really rich.
The clear rock candy distress glitter sprinkled over top makes these pieces look like crushed glass and vintage.
The new shattered stencil is super pretty in black soot.  Apply gently with a twisting motion;)
After the tag is inked add embellishments.  The skull n cross bone is hot glued on top.  I inked the word band with distress paint.

Of course I have the new SPOOKTACULAR ALPHABET Decorative Strip.  I couldn't help myself.

Look at the jar, it looks shattered.  I filled with ants and cotton.  Scary...

Here that plastic jar I cut out is all shattered with the shattered glass technique.  I am a fan of this technique.  The skull peering out is creepy.  I added "FRIGHT" down the side and added glossy accents.


I layered some manila card stock and Laboritorie scrap paper. Then stamping in frayed burlap creates an eerie effect.  Some more shattered stencil in pumice stone completes the spooky layering.

Some purple tinsel and a few more embellishments dangling are spooktacular.

 Thanks for stopping in and checking out my Halloween Tag.  I really loved playing with some of the new techniques I've learned.  And trying out some of my new dies and stamps. 
I'll be playing with Simon Says Stamps Wednesday Challenge blog and Simon Says Stamps Monday Challenge Blog!
Have a spooky Halloween!  I know I'm excited. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Crow- Nevermore

I love crows for decorating this time of year.  And they are everywhere!  This is a $1 Store project featuring my crow and a Christmas Box.  I picked up the crow for $2 and the box was $1.25 and I grabbed the wee witches hat at Michaels with my 50% coupon bring it to about $1.50.  This whole project ended up costing about $5!  Not to bad.

I popped the cone portion of the witches hat off so I could wrap it in matching paper.  Then I glued it back into place. 
The 31 is from the TH Gothic Boo die.  I attached the tinsel and used my heat gun to age the tinsel.
I used up some old orange ribbon and attached this skull from a $1 bracelet.  TH Skull n' Cross is some perfect hardware I glued in place by folding the brim. 
Another skull and some glittery Halloween accents glued on top.
I made a banner with grungepaper and HAPPY HALLOWEEN stamped.  I used some walnut stain ink to distress the edges.  The attach with hot glue.  A little glitter pumpkin and Spanish moss complete the creepy scene.
The Iron Fence boarder die is wonderfully gothic.  The I attached the Word Band.  A little more tinsel adds some bling.

I love the Apothecary Skull!  He's so creepy.  Then I used the eye ball from the Remnant Rubs- Elements. 
Another great addition to my Halloween Collection!
I'll be posting over at Simon Says Monday Challenge blog...anything goes this week!
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Friday, October 25, 2013

All Things Altered Fall/ Halloween Hop- THE CHEMIST

Welcome to the All Things Altered Blog Hop.  If you are just arriving you may want to start HERE at the beginning.  You don't want to miss a creepy thing.  If you are hopping already you should be crawling in from Jessica's blog.  I have a great book I made with a full tutorial.  So take a moment and learn how I made The Chemist!

Just to let you know, this is a LONG photo tutorial on how to make this Book.  Feel free to come back and take more time.  If you are new and don't want to lose me the "Follow" button is on the right.

You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest.


You'll need to cut up Chipboard;

Bottom 6"x 5 1/4"
Sides,  2 @ 6"x 1 1/2" & 2 @ 5 1/4"x 1 1/2"
Top (Postage Stamp Frame Die) cut @ 6 1/8"x 5 3/8" (center on frame die and cut)
Book Cover(top and bottom), 6 1/2"x 5 3/4" (cut 2 times)
For a total of 8 chipboard pieces forming the book.  Cut designer paper to match.

I used Tim Holtz Laboritorie Paper Stash.  Using up my scraps.  Simply glue designer paper to chipboard pieces.

To make the paper old and weathered I added some Distress Inks, Vintage Photo and Black Soot.

Ink up all your pieces before gluing.
I used 1/4" Sookwang Tape.  Tape each piece with half the tape overhanging so when you get them into position you can wrap the tape connecting the pieces.  Be sure to do a couple up the sides too.
Once it's all taped it should look like this and now you've formed the shadow box of the book.  I used some of my new stencils on the paper.  To just create another layer.
To make the "leather" binding you will need a piece of grungepaper cut 6 1/2" x4".  I "trimmed" the edges using the Torn Notebook boarder die.
Scoring the Book Binding
(after cutting with the edge die)
To get the look of an old book I scored length wise @ 1" and 3"
Then across @ 1 1/2", 3 1/4" and 5" scoring only in between the 1" and 3" lines
Apply firm pressure and go over a few times to create ridges.  You'll see in a moment why.
Now that you have scored the binding, ink with Distress Paint Walnut Stain on both sides.  Don't worry, we will get to see the scored bits soon!  Let air dry.
Once it is dry now you get to sand.  This is were the aged look starts by sanding those ridges we just scored.
To finish off the aged look add a little Distress Ink walnut stain, vintage photo and black soot.  We want it to look over 100 years old and like worn leather!  Here I've added the Apothecary Remnant Rubs. 
Now you can cut the "top" of your box.  This is the cut 6 1/8"x 5 3/8".  Now, I know this is a fussy cut and I don't care for fussy cuts.  But we need this piece to go right over the sides you built.  Trust me, you'll see.  Center this piece over the frame and good luck!  It likes to shift.
Ink the frame with Distress Paint black soot and dry.  Then add a layer of brushed pewter.  Here, you will use your heat gun, drying slightly.  When you see some of the paint go mat around the frame, stop. 
At this point you want to start rubbing the pewter off.  Where it's dried it will be permanent.  Where it's still wet it will come off creating a modeled look.
See, it's all mottled looking.  Cool Eh!  To add to the distressed look slap some black soot ink on top.  This will tone down the silver and create a lovely patina.
Always love hardware!  I popped this word band at the top.  Then smashed the brads!  Good Times!
Along the sides we want a "page" feel.  Simply drag your black paint, in this case dauber to expose a streak.  This effect looks like pages.
Water Colour! 
 I stamped the Chemist with black archival onto water colour paper! And most of the other stamps from this set!  Rough or smooth side of the paper doesn't matter.  But the smooth side will give a crisp image.  I stamped rough side.
At this point you can cut them all out.  Or wait?
You can use markers, inks, re-inkers or in my case stains!
I thought I would use my new splatter stencil on the Chemist's apron!  He should look messy!
I try to make it a point to use ALL my stamps if I can.  In this case stamping randomly on the book cover is a great use of this stamp.  Use hot glue to attach the "worn leather book binder" to the cover.  This is where the score lines do their magic.
I used an assortment of bottles and filled with bugs, eye balls and liquid.  The liquid is an eye dropper of re-inker and then a stick of hot glue filled in the jar. 

Look how weathered and worn the Book Binder is.
Once everything is in place it looks like a book!
Layer your stamped images and add some distress glitter, in this case rusty hinge.  See how his apron is all splattered and messy! 
I used hot glue for the bottles too.  By tucking things to the back, side and forward your eye is drawn all around and who knows what you'll find!  Layering is the key!
You can just slightly see the stencils!

Check it out, by having the chemist in the front it really adds to the layered look! 

Here's you line up just in case you loose your way.

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7. Jennifer Priest -
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Now that you've spent some time checking out my "Chemist Book" you are ready to be on your way to Gloria's Blog!  Be sure to leave a comment on my blog and all the blogs!  There will be a chance to win some goodies!  While I'm at it, I'll be playing along with Simon Says Challenge Blog and Ranger's Halloween Contest!

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