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Well, well, well... who have we here?  
Have you ever made a Diorama?  I have always wanted to make one.  I always love that 3D look and this style doesn't disappoint.  It starts with this idea of making the Branch Tree into a 3D tree. 
Blah, Blah, Blah... lets get to the good stuff!

Oh how I love these Halloweenies holding their pumpkins!

After they are coloured I poked out their eyes!  After all we want to see the light shine through!  Cut a graveyard and ink with distress spray stains.  Spooky!  I cut a round base for everything to sit on so I had some elevation.  Cut a hole for the lights to pop through.

Add some distress ink so you can make it look weathered with water spritzing.  Then I stamped some DEATH!  For the pumpkin I wanted something other that that glaring orange!  So I grad some tissue and stamped my own background then cut into strips.

Glue like a boss!  Add more ink once dry... why not!  Now glitter those bats!  The pumpkin I picked up at Michaels already cut.

Ohhh leaves... how I love fall leaves.  I keep my backgrounds I make just so I can cut leaves when I need them!

TWIST N' STYLE TOOL!!!  Perfect to attach bats. I cut and scored a stand for my Halloweenies.  That way I could give them a slight bend.  After the tree was installed I added LOTS of moss!  Then assemble all the pieces, bits and bobs inside.  I use hot glue.

TA DA!!!

Dark and scary!

I topped it off with a few Fall die cuts and the AWESOME broom!

Check it out... my own stamped background!

How I love all things Halloween!

I added some bones, more cut fall foliage and a pumpkin.  

Seriously loving this Gothic Gate!  I snipped this bad boy in half so it looks like your at the entrance of something sinister.

Another pumpkin tucked behind the gate.  Don't trip...

EEK... BATS!  Here's where the Twist n' Style FREAKIN' ROCKS!

The stamped tombstones look  freakish!

Lights on!  Ohhhh the leaves are falling.

Hey, lets add a candy corn tree.

OK, that's freaky!

Loving the diorama!

You can never have too much creepiness!  Thanks for creepin by!  More to come...
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Sharing is Caring

A Vintage Journey- Make it Spooky
Anything But Cute- An Autumn Day (I used fall leaves)
Creative Carte Blanche- Witchy Woman (I used the Broomstick... I hope that counts?)

Thanks :)



  1. This pumpkin is super super cool! Love all the details, off for another look xxx hugs

    Kaz xx

  2. This is so spookilicious I can hardly stand it!!!!!! Oh how I wish I could spend one day in your creative mind!!!

  3. Fantastic!!! I love how you layered the tissue paper on the outside! How cool is that?! Love your pumpkin!!

  4. I have been sitting here admiring this for ages, I love every single little thing about it, the way you covered it, the embellishments on top, the wonderful scary, spooky scene you created for the inside - all incredible. This really is deliciously spooky Nicole!

    Thanks so much for joining in our Make is Spooky challenge at A Vintage Journey.

    Thank you too, for playing along with our An Autumn Day at Anything But Cute! Anne xx

  5. Wow, there is some serious spooooookyness going on here. Very inventive and clever, love it xx

  6. Oh my gosh Nicole this is just incredible and I love every bit of your spooky creation, off to go back through the photos again in case I missed anything. Thanks for sharing this with us at A Vintage Journey xxx

  7. Fantastic, Nicole! I can't imagine how you included so many details. Punching out the eyes of the children (I can't believe I just typed that) is genius. Thanks for sharing on Creative Carte Blanche, we love your work!

  8. Nicole, sweetie, you could tip me over with a feather right now! I absolutely adore your diorama, and all it's spooky details! My favorite bit are the punched out eyes--they add so much drama when the lights are on! There is something so very wrong with what I just wrote, but it is sooo effective what you've done here!

    I do need to know how you do the video thing, and how to upload it to a post on Blogger, because I have a thing or two that would be much better if I attached a video snippet. Any tutorials out there you would like to share with me????

    DT hat now: Thank you for sharing this with us at Anything But Cute. Halloween is my favorite 'Autumn Day'! Hugs! Sara Emily DT

  9. This is a wonderful piece!! Clever use of the pumpkin!!

  10. What a fabulous piece, Nicole! That was a brilliant idea to use one of the fake pumpkins for your 3D scene! I just love everything 3D and you created a fabulous scene! I am still finding details I had not seen before. Thanks for including the close-up photos!

  11. tout ces détails c'est fantastique, j'aime beaucoup ce projet
    à bientot Nate

  12. WAY WAY WAY COOL!!! Love the eyes lit up! LOVE the alteration to the pumpkin! Very uber fun and cool design!

  13. Totally love your Diorama Nicole x such a fantastic design and the interior layout is so clever...........the eyes of the kids look amazing !!! Thank You for sharing at A Vintage Journey

    Fabulous xxxxx

    Annie xxx

  14. Fabulous Nicole, love that you covered the pumpkin and the poked out eyes so the light would shine through is freakingly awesome! Love your pumpkin-orama, thanks so much for sharing it, Deb xo

  15. Bowl me over with a strong wind because I am in Awe right now. This is a showstopper and Wowzers! I am giddy about the way the lights shine through the eye holes. Genius and devilishly delightful! Bwahaha! The 3D effect of the leaves and the tree and the scary kids makes me smile and say congrats to you on this magnificent design bathe devil is in the details and this has so many to look at! Wowzers, wowzers and fantabulous!

    Thanks for joining us again at Anything But Cute for our "Autumn Day" challenge! Hugz. ~Niki DT

  16. This is completely sensational! Stunning techniques, beautiful subtle colour tones, brilliant tinting of the photo image and wonderful textures and ideas throughout - I'm absolutely in love with it. Thanks for joining us on A Vintage Journey, and for the constant inspiration.
    Alison x

  17. Oh my gosh. This is the very best. So sorry I am just finding out about you. I am hooked. Thank you for sharing!!

  18. Hi Nicole, I have just come over to congratulate you on being a Design Team Favourite in our 'An Autumn Day' challenge at Anything But Cute with this beautiful project! I hope you will pop over and pick up your badge! Anne DT xx


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